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Harrased/ pending to be terminated while pregnant ??

by Anonymous
(Florida Unemployment Benefits)

Long story short. I am employed by a large worlwide AAA company in Florida, whose main products are payroll services and other employers benefits.

I worked until about a month in the west coast where I did very well and was recognized multiple times. I got pregnant and I'm 5 months now and about a month ago I transfer region within the same company.

I've been trying my best to establish my self and sell, but with the economy .. and being pregnant doesn't help.

I've been under a lot of stress from my new management to produce like I used to before, but I'm trying my best and they don't see that.

It's got to the point that I started bleeding and it's happened a few times.

Regardless, I've kept working. Last time, the doc placed me on bed rest for 2 days and said it should be more, but I pleaded with him.

My boss called me and said if I don't make my sales quota this month I'm going to be disciplined and then fired in the next month.

He constantly calls me and I feel harassed.

I have only worked on the east coast for just over a month, it's harder to sell here because people don't care about staying in compliance with the labor department or irs.

When I was on the west coast until last fiscal year which ended in mid June, I was doing really well. I won many trips and incentives not to mentioned i was 100% of quota the entire year and before the year was even over.

I know there are people that have worked here and are established having a hard time making it,
but I feel harassed, stressed and pressured, and it's affecting my health and I've become very depressed.

I feel it is because of the high expectations they had of me and obviously that I will be going on maternity leave in December. What should I do??

What should I do? Stop whining and become proactive about trying to preserve your job.

Get the medical documentation and request intermittent FMLA now for health related issues regarding your pregnancy .. because I don't detect anything I would call pregnancy discrimination going on .. at least not in the story you related.

I just hear that the employer is expecting you to keep on performing to the standards they expect and to the level you admittedly have delivered in the past. There is nothing wrong with that.

Your stellar performance of the past is exactly what will be used against you at an unemployment hearing to show negligence in the performance of your job .. if it isn't true start creating documentation that counters the argument the employer is currently setting up to use against you. Do they enforce the quota requirements uniformly?

Everything else sounds like you just making lame excuses for why your performance has dropped off in the last "month" since arriving on the "east coast".

I know, some people can't access STD while on FMLA .. but that's not the point .. FMLA protects your job for up to 12 weeks when qualifying health issues are involved .. it's not just for the maternity leave .. so you can bond with your newborn.

If you are confused still about what I think I would do .. contact a discrimination lawyer to explain that really is.

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Aug 17, 2011
Thank you for your response
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your response. I know for a fact other people have not met quota for the month, actually not even at the end of their fiscal year.

I am not making " lame excuses " for my performance, truth is with sales or any other job, but especially a job that requires partners to refer you, it takes time to establish trust and get not only those referrals but quality ones.
I understand they expect me to perform to the level that I was prior to being pregnant, however medically speaking that's not really possible.
I guess in corporate america when you're doing great everyone loves you, but when your not, they forget about how good you were before.
I will get my documents ready and talk to my doctor. Thank you for your response !

Oh my, now I'm feeling apologetic for using the term "lame excuses".

But approaching the problem from a subjective point of view often results in third parties, such as an unemployment department or myself;-) to see the situation that way because that's the way you presented it .. subjectively.

Intermittent use of FML is a very viable option and using it might actually cause the employer to rethink what they are trying to do now .. which is force you out.

Very likely, because you will soon have a child to care for .. and it they may believe it will have an affect on your commitment to the job and the quotas.

If they are only trying to discipline you for not meeting quotas or holding you to a higher standard .. then it is possible that could be seen as a portion of what may amount to pregnancy discrimination.

And that is something that first needs to be determined by you .. as to whether your situation is rising to those levels.


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