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Have worked and living in pa, but being told I have to claim unemployment in nj?

by Gwen

I have been getting the run around from both pa and nj unemployment for the past 2 weeks about which state to file in. I live in pa, worked in pa for past couple of years due to my company relocating there. However I am being told from pa unemployment that I need to file in nj because that is where the company is based out of. None of this makes sense. Could you please help me understand what is going on here?

Answer For: Have worked and living in PA, but being told I have to claim unemployment in NJ

No, I can't really explain why you're being told you have to file the claim through NJ. Makes no sense to me that your company relocated to PA, yet continued to pay unemployment tax on wages in NJ.

Regardless of where your wage credits are located, I have no idea why PA is telling you to apply in NJ as PA would be the agent state for NJ if that is in fact where the wages in your base period were reported.

After two years of working in PA, it's doubtful to me that the vast majority of any wages in your base period are located in NJ.

However, NJ unemployment pays a little more per week if I'm not mistaken.

As the PA UI dept. if you can file a different type of claim through them .. such as an interstate claim.
If you've lived and worked in PA for

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