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having a boss that consistantly skirts overtime laws

(King County, WA)

I've been at my job for 5 years, always had amazing reviews up until about 8 months ago when the company decided to change they're entire business philosophy. Since that time they have been trying to inch out all of the older employees and have thus created a mass exodus. I unfortunately cannot just quit without some assistance from the state in order to continue to pay my bills. They recently brought in a new manager who has consistently been scheduling the older employees for 6-8 day work weeks that go well over 40 hours but she splits them up over 2 work weeks (essentially we'll be scheduled from wed. to thurs. so the long span of days crosses the weekend thus ensuring we don't work more than 40 hours in one week) I have already had 2 conversations with her about how this is not sustainable for me and how in the 5 years I have been with the company this has never happened to anybody else. However the soul crushing schedules are not only continuing but getting worse. I had the first conversation after being scheduled 6 days in a row, was then scheduled for 7 days in a row and had another conversation, and I'm now being scheduled for 8 days in a row.


The hell with that. If she is primarily targeting the "older workers" (40 and up) for this, document and try to get some other "older type support" and file a complaint with the state.

Or better still gather all the "olders" find a Washington State Employment Attorney for a group free consultation and see what can be done.

There's plenty that can be done when an employer targets a protected class of employees.

This is also how you get the employer to cease and desist and protect your rights to UI benefits because you are trying to preserve the employment and some employers are arrogant enough to "retaliate" adding to their list of wrong things to do.

Filing official complaints protect worker from retaliation ... even if the complaint is found to have no basis.

A highly underused method by employees .. because we have been brainwashed by ourselves our peers and our employers into thinking we have no recourse .. even when the "problem" is legitimate.

Hogwash .. we just need some backbone.

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