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having a single unopened can of beer in my office fridge

by Dennis
(Newport News, Virginia)

I bought groceries on the way to work and put them in the fridge in my office. I forgot and left them in the fridge and over the weekend someone found the single unopened can of beer in the bag and reported it to my supervisor. That monday my supervisor asked about it and I answered truthfully. He said it was a violation of company policy but he also knew I had no intention of consuming it at work. There was no discussion of suspension/firing at that point whatsoever and I considered the matter closed. Two days later on wed. I was called to admin by the facility manager and suspended indefinitely for violating company policy. HR called me on fri. to terminate my employment. In the past six months my department has gone from a 24 hour operation to a 2 shift op to now, after my termination, a single shift.

Since you aren't going to tell we what the company policy says "exactly", that was used to terminate your employment .. all I can think of to ask .. or even say is ..

Was the single can of beer for a beer batter for one of the other grocery items?

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