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having to "Deal with it"


I haven't quit yet. I run a second shift prefinishing operation for a company in WI. I have been at the company for 5.5 years and supervisor for 1.25 years. Over the last year, I've taken a 15% wage reduction due to the economy but was never given a supervisor compensation in wages. I know full well there are people at work that make more doing less with far less responsibility that have worked there for less time. I run a shift of 10 people other than me but 8 of them are temps from a service in town. NONE of them have both a driver's license and vehicle, and are in most respect incapable of the skilled labor we perform. They are brought in on a trial basis and I was lead to believe I could decide who to keep or not. 75% of them have been marked for replacement for 3 months or more now but nothing happens even though I keep the pressure on HR. Our quality has dropped due to cheap, poor quality wood products we get in, the preference for dark colors by the customers, and the absolute lack of morale of all employees involved. The quality of labor on my shift is so bad, and so widely known that it's a long running joke and nothing is being done about it. I have also gone the last 9 months without a backup in the event I have to miss work. I missed 2 days earlier this year and it was chaos when I got back because they all did just enough to get by until I got back and I had to put in a couple extra hours plus a 6 hour friday to get back on track (I work 4, 10 hour shifts at minimum). Every time I think of missing work I get stressed out because no one will do my job, I hate going to work because I know that I can do MY job but cannot train all these temps to be good employees while doing my job. I have NO ONE that has been there long enough to help me either. 4 months is my oldest employee. I know that I will

never be moved off the shift but will be held responsible for the shifts short comings. I feel that I am in a no win situation, I have NEVER walked away from a job but I TRULY feel like I work in purgatory and am paying for sins in a previous life. Whenever I take my problems to upper management I am told, "You're in charge, figure it out!", or, "Deal with it!" and NOTHING is done about it. I'm about to drop my 2 week notice today. I am so stressed about my job, loss of wages, and the idiocracy I deal with all day that I am angry all the time. I have increasingly violent thoughts and my sleep has been reduced because of my 2 kids getting up by 9am. I work 3pm-1:30am while my wife works 9am-4:30pm to save on daycare. She's to the point where she has been afraid I will hurt the kids and that REALLY bothers me. I just feel stuck in a downward spiral, some advice would be greatly appreciated.


My advice is to first read the Wisconsin decision digest before you turn in your resignation.

I also think that you might consider seeking help for the "anger issue" you have as well.

Stress and anxiety due to work are real and possible factors in proving good cause for quitting, but it takes effort on your part.

Getting unemployment if you document and the work is believed to be a factor by a "mental health professional is possible.

But mostly .. I think you should seek that kind of help because of your wife's fears .. wives don't usually overreact in this way without some solid indication to base these types of fears on.

And you don't want to know what I think should happen to you .. if you actually did hurt your kids or your wife. No one should have to "deal with that"!!

In closing, I'll tell you this .. if you can't find a way to quit this hell hole and get unemployment in Wisconsin .. you didn't try very hard because if there is one state in this country that I would definitely call "claimant friendly" .. it's Wisconsin.

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