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having two car accidents within a week - both minor (I'm a truck driver)


I have been a truck driver for over 15 years with only one accident during that time. I became employed hauling propane. As you know, the busy times for this is during the cold, winter months. There was "talk" of needing to let go of a driver due to not having the business needed to support the existing drivers. I am the newest hire. During one week, I ended up having two accidents - one extremely minor and the other minor. The police came to both accident sites and I was not cited for either of the accidents. They are considered my fault, but I received no citations for them. The next day I was fired with the termination paperwork saying "poor performance due to having two accidents". While yes, I did have two accidents - I was not cited for either of them and the company was going to end up letting a driver go anyway. Due to the accidents I was the one they let go. Can I collect? this was not "willful" - they were accidents. I drive truck - accidents will happen. I have a great, clean driving record. What do you think?


First of all, the information about the company needing to let a driver go is irrelevant.

The only issue that is relevant is why you were let go.

Not sure what is considered a minor accident, but the fact is any accident can cause harm to an employer's interest .. namely their pocketbook.

So I ask you, what is the company policy with regard to accidents?

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