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Hawaii Pleading for advice

(Big Island ,Volcano Hawaii)

I was a highly paid Construction worker in a Supervisory, I badly damaged my spine which is degenerative, my case is still open.

I went thru Vocational Rehab, they ignored my Doctors instructions and I was given a grueling school schedule.

I cannot physically do anything I have always done. I am out of school and have applied for jobs even though nobody will hire me because you must disclose injuries.

Is the Insurance company supposed to start sending my previous checks to me since I cannot work and vocational rehab opened no doors for me,if so, how do I proceed? I have worked since I was 13, and am good at what I did,

I am not receiving any money from any where, should I be?


Why don't I start at the beginning with the questions I have.

Your injury .. Was it incurred while performing your job?

If so, how long ago were you injured and how long have you been out on disability?

When you say "my case is still open" .. do you mean a worker's comp claim, a Long term disability insurance claim .. what case?

And while I'm at it, can you tell me why multiple potential employers are blatantly forcing you, a job applicant, to disclose injuries when that could open them up to lawsuits about discriminatory practices in their hiring .. to weed out physically disabled people. A protected class ..

Please clarify where you're expecting payment to come from .. because as of yet, you've mentioned nothing that allows me to think you're asking about unemployment benefits.

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