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In Washington DC, HR and Supervisor appeared said I was fired for being toxic to the work environment. That's it. I received a call a week earlier from a co-worker that said they were trying to fire me and that they questioned her about things that I did or did not do when I supervised her and another woman 10 months earlier (before my 3rd promotion). When I asked my Supervisor why was this woman being question, she said "those are serious allegations" in turn I was fired and the woman was fired 30 minutes prior. She was fired for "gossiping". Fast forward, I received unemployment benefits because job failed to follow up with agency in timely fashion. Now job appealing. I am working with an advocacy, appeals attorney that was referred to me by hearing office (1) is she really on my side, she seemed really disinterested when I met her. So, when I met with this attorney, I told her I had no idea why I was fired other than the supervisor that fired me did not like me really, the agency lost a grant I was a top paid manager, I had no idea. She then showed me the recommendation of termination that my supervisor submitted to HR to terminate me, on it it said I was fired for unethical and unprofessional behavior, and had 6 false statements from the 2 above mentioned women that I supervised 10 months earlier. It stated that the woman came to hear and said when I supervised them 10 months earlier, I pitted staff against each other, said people had body odor, said I had info on the higher ups, spoke negative about the entire staff, falsified info by saying my program was doing better than it really was, etc. I absolutely did not say any of this, never knew this occurred, it was never brought to my attention, I was not warned or anything. again, i know nothing of this until I met with the attorney. today, i get the letter that my former employer (a non-profit, respected organization in DC that feed the homeless, but have a history of firing employees monthly) will be bringing 2 people as witnesses.. of course, the one woman who was cited as

reporting that I gossiped and that called me earlier in the week to let me know was fired and will not be one of the witnesses. I am sure they will lie and say they met with me and told me about this, but they did not and I have never gossiped with this employees. Its strange that all of a sudden, 10-months later, 2 woman will tell my supervisor I was unprofessional when I supervised them. and that they were afraid to say anything then, because anyone who normally complained against me were fired. (I had 2 employees that both resigned, inform HR that I was a horrible person, but HR never did anything, I kept my job, did an excellent job, received great evaluations, etc.). I have not submitted any papers to the court or do not have any witnesses, this agency is also an at-will agency, the advocacy attorney only said that they have to show that they spoke to me about it, which they did not. and according to their employee handbook if I falsified documents (which I did not) they were to suspend me first without pay pending an investigation which they did not. My question is, again I am in washington DC what should I do. any advice, my hearing is in 3 days. the advocacy attorney is not much help. and I am innocent, I assume that in this economic times, the agency do not want to pay and they had to backdoor me because I made more money than any other manager, and they are facing a financial crunch. also the HR rep that actually fired me is not scheduled to appear at the hearing, her supervisor is. My former supervisor and 2 co-workers, one that said I gossiped and one other that I guess will say what the other person (that the fired) said to her that I said. This is all crazy and I cannot believe, they are actually appealing. thank you for your assistance.

I'm just guessing you submitted this question more than three days ago, but lucky for you .. you have a disinterested advocate .. it's more than most people have.

I also wish you luck .. DC has the worst unemployment program in the country.

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