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HELP ... Fired .. denied .. then disability .. now what??

by Morrissa
(Sacramento California)

Hello so i was fired in October 2009 and filed for unemployment. I went through everything went to court and was denied.

So I was looking for work then in January 2010 I broke my leg.

I've been collecting disability, but I just got my final check today. I'm looking for work but its crazy out there. Can i re-apply for unemployment now that I've been collecting disability??? Please help thanks soooo much :)

Hi Morrissa,

You're talking about re-applying for regular unemployment benefits. (you're lucky you live in CA that even has the option of state disability benefits)

In order to requalify, you must return to work and earn 5 times your weekly benefit amount and then endure another "qualifying separation".

But of course you should know this because it should state this on the first determination and the hearing decision.

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