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Help, I have migraines and I need to quit my job and collect unemployment in Michigan

I work for general motors for about three years now my migraines are unbearable and my dr said i should quit i live in michigan can i get unemployment.


Have you read the basic information I provide about quitting a job and collecting unemployment?

How about what I've written about the documentation?

My first question is whether you have a written recommendation from your doctor to quit your job and if your doctor still thinks you would be able and available for work.

If you have to quit your job with General Motors because of migraines .. will you be able to work anywhere else .. because of the migraines?

Does your doctor believe it is the work causing the migraines ..

And finally, are you on FMLA? Do you have short-term disability through the employer? Long-term disability through the employer?

Health issues can very well be good cause for quitting, but the catch-22 is that to collect unemployment you must be able and available for work to collect.

It's only if a health condition is aggravated by something at work and the employer refuses to accommodate a medical restriction .. that seems to clear the way to collect unemployment benefits immediately, otherwise, you will probably be denied if you do not allow the employer the opportunity to find work which complies with the medical restrictions.

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