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Help, I Quit Due to Hostile Workl Environment

by Paige

My ex-employer is appealing the unemployment I have previously been granted for the past 1.5 months. Now, tomorrow morning I have to do a call in hearing. The only witness I have is my boyfriends dad who saw me come home after every shift crying. I asked a current employee I was friends with and she disagrees saying no such thing happened so not worth the time subpeoning her. I am so nervous. What should I say in my statement? It is me against DG. HELP!

Hi Paige,

You must of missed the message I posted about not accepting new unemployment questions at this time.

But there are plenty of questions under the quitting category from other who also quit for the same reason .. Hostile work environment.

When you read a few .. I'm sure you'll notice, I'm not a miracle worker, but explain why it's probably too late for someone like you who may of been suffering from unreasonable harassment, but also failed to use the power of documenting your efforts and the employer responses that may of been unreasonable.

It's those exhaustive efforts to preserve the employment first that fall on an employers unresponsive deaf ears that may offer good cause to quit.

Now that you're no longer able to do anything as an employee to prove you were the victim of employer unreasonableness that may of made working for them "intolerable" for even another "reasonable person" .. well, it doesn't look good.

It would be nice if I were a miracle worker, but that's not my goal .. my goal is to help employees think in preemptive terms.

I could ask you one question that hasn't been answered for me and would be of interest if you had requested a phone consultation .. instead of asking a question on the testimonial page.

Do you know why the Alabama unemployment department decided you should be allowed to receive benefits for quitting?


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