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HELP! Was denied unemployment due to falsifying timecard but when I was fired I was told something else...

by Dora J.
(Santa Ana, CA)

I recently received a denial letter from unemployment stating that I was not eligible due to falsifying timecard.

My job consisted of case manager duties in maintaining an independent and stable life for developmentally disabled adults.

My job requirements were never stated implicitly .. more so insinuated.

My caseload consisted of 8-10 adults. Job required me to work off-site, mainly at homes or other agencies. Time cards are a written format and are turned in on the Monday of the Friday we receive our checks.

Well on the day I was fired. My manager stated it was due to 3 complaints against me from my caseload. In which, I was very upset. To my understanding I was being fired due to the complaints. It was never brought to my attention regarding my time cards. Because I was really upset, I almost stormed out but my manager stopped me and said I wont receive my last weeks pay or the 2 additional days of pay if I didn't sign. So, I signed everything they handed me. They gave me a copy of my pay stub and the check but not the paper that stated why I was fired.

I am looking into appealing this but have no idea where to begin. PLEASE HELP!

Hi Dora,

You wouldn't know this, but I am currently in the process of changing the way I answer questions about getting unemployment .. that will also appear on the website.

I'm changing things because as far as I'm concerned, all questions, are about the potential for winning appeal hearings.

For years now I've been answering questions with more questions. The reason being, almost always, I need more details than I'm can gleam from the questions of those that as for help.

I'm sure the old procedure of asking questions to answer a question has caused frustrations for an unemployed person .. because I know it has frustrated me.

What's changing is that after someone asks a question, they will also have to talk to me. This is the primary reason I'm now offering free 15 minute consultations .. so I can get the details I need to actually offer some kind of intelligent answer .. just the way I used to do this for employers.

I apologize Dora .. any confusion you may feel now is all my fault because this has taken me longer to figure out and implement .. than I thought it would.

Talk to me Dora .. because I'm pretty sure I know why your employer told the state the disccharge was for time theft .. and not customer complaints.

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