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Help with my appeal hearing.

(North Carolina)


I have a hearing upcoming in which I have appealed my initial denial.

According to the documents my employer turned in to the ESC, I was fired for being late for work on May 25th. I was late that morning because we had terrible thunderstorms the night before and lost power at my apartment which prevented my alarm clock from going off.

My employer is claiming they my company phone records show that I made phone calls that morning at 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. which they are trying to use as proof that I "wasn't asleep". My questions are...

1.) If they are using my company cell phone records as evidence, shouldn't I get a copy of that before my hearing?

2.) Also, 5:30 am is 3 hours before I was to be at work. How can that be used against me? I often wake up in the early hours and go back to sleep.

3.) HR is also claiming on their statement that I "never improved" on my attendance after being warned about attendance. However, my supervisor had just praised me for "showing significant improvement". Should I bring that up at the hearing, and/or request that supervisor to be at the hearing?

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