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Help with Unemployment Benefits Appeal Law

by Saw

I have determined for my work, because of discrimination from my manager for which i went to a lawyer and opened a case against the company, and the lawyer told me to apply for unemployment benefits so i did. And in mean time, have been looking for another job.

I have an unemployment hearing tomorrow, but yesterday the owner told my lawyer she can come back to work with the same manager. I am afraid now that i can lose my benefit because of refusing job offer but i cant go there again and the manager still there because i have being treated baddly by him and i spoke with the owner about what happened and he didnt do nothing to me.

Who Appealed For This Hearing?

And what state is this hearing going to be held in?

Without this sort of information .. I don't know where, or more precisely, if I should begin to explain the help I believe you're asking for, which literally means whether I think it would be best for you to request a postponement of the hearing tomorrow, until you finally figure out, or your lawyer instructs you how to argue why the refusal to go back to work, under the same manager you've accused of discriminating against you for some reason needs to be presented during the hearing.

You seem to of gone so far as to of found an employment attorney to file a complaint for you about discrimination, or are they proceeding with filing a civil court lawsuit, because you received the right to sue letter when a complaint with maybe the EEOC wasn't conclusive about employer wrong doing?

For me, I think the offer of you to returning to work, is a ploy for the employer to legitimately argue on the unemployment front, that your refusal somehow negates your unemployment claim.

But also for me, given I really don't have enough details to know for certain, I think since the manager at the crux of the cause you either voluntarily quit, or got fired the offer is part of their offer for you to return .. it's lame at best, because the offer doesn't address any real effort you might have made while still an employee, to find a way to preserve your job due to something I assume the employer is aware of .. a manager crossing boundaries to violate our collective rights while we work in a workplace.

Chris -
Hearing Representatives and Coaching Services

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