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Hostile Environment and Backstabbed by Human Resource

by Alveria

I have a Supervisor that is real young 25 years of age and I am 43 which I don't have a problem with the age differential. My Supervisor started a habit forming of being out from work so I started documenting the days she was out from work. Sometimes she would miss two full weeks from work and she did not use any of her vacation time. She started falsying time as though she was at work. I had to handle all her work. When she is at work she does not do really nothing but talk on her cell phone and dictate to me what needs to be done. I am always doing all the work. When I tried talking to her and try to explain to her that the work needs to be equally shared she will call the Main warehouse Supervisor and we end up on a conference call and it always turn out like I am the problem. What lead to a forcible resignation she called them stating I am not talking and not communicate. I had the Supervisor and the Regional Supervisor shows up at the work place after she went and call and made up untold stories for them to be on her side. They kept saying I broke the chain of command. I often ask for policy and procedures which i never received. While sitting in the conference trying to explain the problem with me and my supervisor I was laughed at and humiliated. She

don't like to work and several times she has taken 3 hours lunch break. When I blowed the whistle on her about taking long lunch break she sat and lied she never took but a 1 hour lunch break. She told Corporate Human Relations she only went out for an hour. I have caught her in so many lies and it's hard to work with a person who constantly lies and don;t have work initiative. She was suspended with out pay after falsying time. When she returned back to work it was hell to pay. She had it out for me. She call and lie on me and often tells me that the Supervisor over me and her tells her that people had called in stating I want her job. I never wanted her job I am always doing her job and my job with no complaints because she is hardly ever at work. I don't know if I could get unemployment after being forced to resigned and harassed.

Hi Alveria,

You can try, but I would rather of heard about how you can prove all this .. since you're the moving party.

I think you need to talk to an attorney first and see if you have anything which might amount to "age discrimination" .. since you say you didn't have a problem with her young age, but suggest she had a problem with yours.

Once we turn 40 we can be discriminated against on the basis of our age.

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Jul 04, 2010
I was given my unemployment
by: Alveria

I want to come back and post my comments. Even after going through all the harassment and lies I went through I won my case and was given unemployment. I am happy but after all I can't believe she is still with the Company after stealing time and falsifying time. I went through a Lawyer and was told I didn't have a case. I had all documentation to prove my case. You know I don't hold a grudge against her but it's sad that all this can go on and after blowing the whistle I was treated harshly in the end. This is a very sad world.......

Oct 15, 2010
the two top guys harrassing me,trying to build a case
by: 5 yr car guy

I work in a auto mall,example-general manager married with kid get a service advisor pregnant and she has the kid,Also drinks teqila during our fri morning meeting and hes still there.He has turned the dealership into a green pee haven,reasoning because of the extreme turn-over,He has his protege a real gun -ho extremly high pressure to boyh customers and salesmen,dont get me wrong,the wrong kind of high pressure.keeping sales guys after shift an extra 4hr a day when ever he feels like it,The dealership has two mid eastern fellows that kink in everyway possible,example 3 different ocassions cost me 1000 dollars each occurance,forced training only on our day off.Well been there over 4yrs,I am just getting better and better,but I do speak my mind when I and also others are getting abused,my numbers are always good ,csi great ,but they dont like my attitude because of my god given rights are being violated,I dont mind being forced to working 220 hrs a month,But being forced to work those hrs during this ecomony is a little hard.What i dont stand for is we have a set schedule,And they make us work an extra 50 hrs a month because we are all on commission,it doesnt cost them a thing.The desk manager does not like me,So he keeps writing me up to build a case,I have been told that the idiot that had the baby-the general manager,told my assistant manager to get rid of me, the only reason is because of the way i stand up for my rights ,Im affraid they will try and fire me with the case they are building against me,I am on commission,going over and above always.Forced to put up balloons every morning 1 hr, move cars 1hr. go on chases on my own time,We are commissioned based salesmen for god sake,They will suspend you if you have a company cup of coffee during the cold morning after you do what should be a lot porters job My question is Im trying not to get fired but they are diffinetly tring to biuld a case.

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