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Hostile work environment after filing complaint in HR

by SW
(Orlando, FL)

Hostile work environment. Discrimination regarding previous maternity leave in writing and verbally. In-direct retaliation (adding work not in job description, requirements that no one else in the department is required to complete) Inappropriate written comments such as "the info I give you goes in one ear and out the other". Etc...

Talk to a lawyer SW .. I wouldn't even venture a guess based on what you told me.

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Jan 16, 2013
Numerous times verbally abused
by: Anonymous

For the last 6 months I have been screamed at cursed at n told to shut up. Two people have quit due to it. And yesterday was told I don't listen like the others since it was not personally being attacked I went to he n put complaint. Now my boss won't talk to me due to hr talking to him. If I walk out will I get unemployment it's just a matter of time befor he gets in my face again

It's doubtful .. and I believe I make this clear when discussing it's not enough to tell the story about why one quits a job .. but proving the employer gave you good cause .. until you follow the grievances available to you up the food chain documenting all the way and still nothing changes .. then you may have good cause to quit if you're interested in sustaining your burden.

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