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Hours vary from week to week, should I keep partial unemployment? (CA)

by Chris
(San Diego, CA)

I have been on partial unemployment since my hours were reduced a few months ago. I have now started working full-time again with the same company, but am not sure if this will last from week to week. Should I keep my case open, so I can receive money immediately when my hours get reduced again? Do I still need to prove that I'm looking for work if I have 40 hours for a particular week?


Hi Chris,

That's entirely up to you. I don't think I'd bother to continue filing for continuing benefits if I was working 40. Just because it sounds like a pain.

No you do not need to look for work if you are working 40 hours a week. You are employed full-time.

I was also a little surprised by the work search question. I thought that if you filed a claim for partial benefits you were considered to be "job attached", but it looks like the employer has to use a special form for this to be true.

If this applied to you .. you would be using claim form DE 2063 according to the benefit handbook. Learn something new everyday .. I do.

Think Positive Chris!!


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