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How a Sexually Harassed Elf Managed to Take Down Santa and Possibly His Employer

by Chris
(Unemployment Tips)

When questions about quitting a job have to do with an employee feeling they are being, or have been sexually harassed at work, they usually end with the inevitable query, "What are my chances for collecting unemployment benefits if I quit?"

Yet, they rarely share what they might of done to meet the burden of proof to quit with good cause.

Some may cringe, or even think I'm being heartless to ask about their efforts, preferably documented, "to preserve" their job.

Well, here's a story meant to be a cautionary tale for employers, that also shows why remaining silent about any sort of harassment, is not the way to go when your concern is as simple as being allowed to collect unemployment after voluntarily quitting a job with good cause attributable to your work, or an employer.

Even if all you want to do is collect benefits and put the tawdriness of being harassed behind you along with further civil actions relative to an employee right that may offer more .. the lesson is valid to take to heart.

Christmas May Be Over, but the Courts Aren’t Through with This Bad Santa

If nothing else the tale is amusing, but doesn't fail to drive home lessons for all employees .. whether in charge, or not.

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