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how can I calculate my weekly benefits.

by Dom

Im trying to Figure out how much my unemployment compensation per week will be in Lantana Florida.

Hi Dom,

The resource I use to help people figure this out is on the page about unemployment pay.

But it's pretty easy to do in Florida. Max weekly benefit is 275 .. no matter how much you made you can't get more .. unless the feds continue to kick in the extra 25 bucks per week.

If you worked steadily a good estimate is 50 percent of what you earned per week .. up to the max amount of 275.

Florida takes your high quarter earnings .. which is 13 weeks long and then divides it by 26 .. which is the usual length of time someone can collect if "totally unemployed".

So in essence one quarter of wages is what you are entitled to .. up to $7150 (26 x 275).


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