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how can i file a new claim in new york, if i have an existing claim on file which was denied?


Everytime I attempt to go thru the process of filing a new claim, the system recognizes my social for a previous claim from about a year ago. it wont allow me to update my information i have to file a new claim???? and do i have to do it over the phone??? i cant seem to figure out exactly how to approach this....heres the info. i filed a claim effective 3/09/09 which ends 3/14/10. according to the info on the website, it is still in pending status. Since then i briefly worked in the summer, which came and went quickly, and then resumed full time employment in august. my full time employment lasted until november and i have not filed a new claim for this most recent job. the cause of my seperation was complex, but the alleged reason proposed by my employer was violation of a discount policy. this is untrue, because i never purchased anything, if that has any relevance to me claiming benefits. either way, would just like to know where to go from here in regards to filing a new claim, for which the details are listed, while i have an existing claim on file. thanks for your review and expertise regarding this matter.

Hi Omar,

Well, you can't file a "new" claim because you already have an existing claim which won't expire until March.

According to NY, you need to file a "subsequent claim" whether that is an additional or reopened claim .. I'll let you figure it out.

How and where should you do this?

I think I would call and do it by phone if I couldn't manage to do it online.

Just a little sidenote on "discount policies" ..

You can also be in violation if you purchased something for someone else or allowed them to purchase something using your discount against policy. Read the rule to make sure you weren't in violation and then if not, use that when explaining to the state why you weren't guilty of misconduct "PER THE EMPLOYER'S RULES".

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