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How can i go to an appeal if I moved out of state?

by Christina
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I worked for the city of new york for five years. During that time it was hard for me to keep up with my rent payments because it exeeded my income. I am single mother with two children. I was going back and fourth to housing court trying to pay rent arrears.

I decided to move to another state where the cost of living was much lower and the quality of life is better. Two months before I moved I informed my employer that I would be leaving the job. The rules for working with the city of new york are you must reside within the five boroughs of new york city to be employed with the city of new york. I had to resign simply because I was moving to another state.

When I applied for unemployment benefits I was asked to provide proof of my reason for moving. I sent letters as well as a marshalls notice that I was being evicted out of my apartment.

I didn't start receiving unemployment benefits until one month after my claim. I recieved a letter in the mail stating that my employer was appealing my claim because I did not try hard enough to find low cost housing in new york city.

I feel its my right to move to what ever state I see fit that I can live and raise my children. I don't understand how am I supposed to go to an appeal in new york city if I currently reside in another state.

Hi Christina,

First, let's identify what you did receive in the mail.

Is it an appeal acknowledgement or an actual hearing notice with a date, time, and location where the hearing will be held. If so, check all around your name on the notice to see if it say you will participate by phone.

Given that you received this from NY, I know they do have your new address and I would further expect whomever schedules or dockets the hearing would assume you need to participate by phone so the hearing notice should come along with instructions as to how to participate in the proceeding.

If not, call the NY appeal sections number listed on the notice of hearing to request phone participation and back it up with a faxed request saving the transmittal to prove you made the request.

From my experience .. your hearing should be coming out of Albany as that where most phone hearings originate from.

Liking the weather in the last few days:)


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Dec 22, 2011
What are my chances of winning my hearing
by: Anonymous

OMG Christina I too lost my housing because I too am a single mother trying to provide for my son. I am in the process of a hearing because benefits were denied any info you can share would be greatly appreciated

Dec 03, 2011
Thankz Chris
by: Christina

I did not recieve a date and time for the appeal in the mail. It was about three letters stating that my employer wants to appeal the decision of me being approved for benefits. It also said for me to continue to claim benefits.

Then it sounds like an appeal acknowledgement to me and you should now be on the lookout for the hearing notice.

If, when you get the NOH (notice of hearing) and it doesn't allow you to participate by phone, call immediately to make that request (following up with the faxed written request).

Living in Colorado now .. is a sufficient reason to provide the good cause to grant the request.

Any questions when you get the NOH .. let me know.


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