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how can I obtain a copy of my 1099g form in NJ?

by Lynn
(Beachwood, NJ)

How can I obtain a copy of my 1099g form in NJ?

I have tried for 3 weeks to obtain a copy of my 1099g form and have had no success. I've called every number possible, only to hear we can't help you or our call volume is too high call back. I know i don't need the actual paper to file my income tax, that the amount is sufficient. I need the actual form for another reason.
I would appreciate any kind of assistance.

Thank you

Hi Lynn,

This is not really something I can help you with because sending or in your case, not sending out 1099's is more of an administrative problem with the department of unemployment.

I have never known of a sure way to get a state unemployment department to speed things up to meet what I think is a reasonable expectation .. except maybe to become an annoying thorn in the side they just want to get rid of.

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