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How can I receive unemployment compensation in Florida now that I'm healed and no longer receiving workers compensation?

by Sandra

I was injured at work in July 2007, and was on W/Comp until Oct 2007. I was not given my job back as I was unable to do the work anymore. I never filed for UC because I thought I would have no problem finding a job. In hindsight stupid, but I had not been in this position before. I used ALL my savings to survive and finally I tried to collect UC. They say I can't get anything because I don't have a previous quarter of income. I'm pretty desperate here, Is there anyway I can get benefits, I file regardless every two weeks but get no money. It seems unfair that I paid all sorts of taxes previously and now my money is able to help someone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

Hi Sandra,

Please believe me, you did not pay any taxes for the unemployment benefits you would have been able to receive once you became able and available in October of 2007. That is when you should have filed.

The reason you cannot collect anything now is because Florida does not have an alternative nor an extended base other states. If they did the state could have looked further back to find the necessary wages that would have qualified you for unemployment.

I feel very bad for you, because this is just one example of the inequities that can rear their ugly heads, depending on the state you are trying to collect unemployment.

The Florida legislature could and should address this issue.

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