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How can I win my appeal hearing now that I've helped my ex-employer win by being truthful? I admitted seeing a warning lettter that was generated to resolve worker vs customer issues.

by Wronged

My ex-employer was found to have cause to terminate me because I was at work and working when a rude customer interrupted me demanding my attention. I worked as a Vendor. The irate customer's behavior caught everyones attention and I was terminated for being discourteous even though I did not create the situation and it had nothing to do with my business there. Everything happened because the customer couldn't move his vehicle and he demanded I stop working and move so he could leave. I worked 4yrs, 5mo with this company and I was a top performer the entire time. I didn't and still don't feel that I did anything wrong. I continued working and completed my day. I never took a day off this year and I always completed my workload ahead of other co-workers. I didn't have any issues with anybody on that day! The customer took issue with me and the Store Manager sided with the customer.

Hi Wronged,

You are doing what many unemployment claimants do .. they try to defend themselves with fact about what a great employee they were .. except for the thing that they were fired for.

Again, I will ask you the same questions I always ask.

What was the employer's policy if any regarding customer complaints?

Had you ever been warned regarding customer complaints before?

This is just the questions I first ask .. even before I find out the details of what happened and make a judgment call as to whether the incident itself is arguable as not rising to the level of "willful misconduct".

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