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How do I collect my unemployment if i move to a different state?

by john

My job is ending and i can collect unemployment. but if i move to a different state what do I do about getting my unemployment benefits I live in fl and will be moving to Arizona right after my job ends.

Hi John,

It's a good question to ask because we sure don't want to confuse the state about where to send those checks.

I'm going to refer you to Florida's FAQ page. I think your answer .. for how Florida wants you to handle it is under the heading "Certifying for Weeks"

There's also a phone number to call for additional questions which you may have.

I do know that it is fairly common practice that an individual collecting unemployment from a different state register for work through the state their living in.

Another thing a person needs to check on before up and moving while on unemployment is if their state has some kind of "Locality" provision which might carry additional requirements before moving. This information can be found on page 23 under Non Monetary Eligibility here.

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