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how do i find a lawyer for an unemployment appeal

(Ohio Unemployment Appeal)

how do i find a lawyer for an unemployment appeal

Been again denied for an unemployment appeal and need to find a lawyer who a) knows something about unemployment law and b) is not going to cost me a lot for a consultation (since I'm not getting UI anyway) Where can I go to look for an unemployment attorney in my area.

I am putting together a report of the dates and events that led to my "Misconduct termination" so a lawyer would know my side of the story. How much information should I enclose with my request for an appeal. This is from Ohio and I was told that on the 3rd appeal level you get an appeal hearing via telephone.

Yes, I did something wrong. But I did not WILLFULLY do something to substantially injure my employers business interests, nor did I understand the consequences. I was not spoken to about the incidents until at least 1 month after the last violation and was not given any written warnings prior to termination. Up to then, my work behavior was excellent. I am not the criminal that a label of
MISCONDUCT makes me out to be!

Thank you in advance.

"Retailer done me wrong"


Sorry, can't help you find an Ohio unemployment attorney, but I can direct you to a referral form for a very experienced and affordable unemployment hearing representative.

If you're just wondering why an "unemployment lawyer" is so hard to find or why they are expensive when you do .. try reading my explanation.

By the way .. Ohio does not require an unemployment hearing representative to be an attorney.

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