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How do I get an appeals hearing? I have been trying for almost 5 months.

by Doretha
(Hyattsville MD USA)

I was laid off 04/24/2008,I am a Carpenter(11 yrs)I applied and received compensation,I also received a 13 week extention,then there was a 20 week extention(at this time I am applying for any type of employment to have an income)well I was due to receive a check the end of 12/08,in 01/09 I received a letter stating that my benifits were denied because I had worked for my prior employer or another(don't know which)the entire time I was receiving unemployment compensation of course this was not true, so I filed the appeal(thinking that since I had a hire date and lay off date from my former employer on their letter head,and had not been employed there would not be a problem,well two months had passed and I don't know how I will pay my mortgage with out my unemployment,so I start calling the office of appeals and start getting transfered from one office to the other with no answers,then I start writing letters asking when I would have my appeal,no one will call me back,then I receive a letter stating that the information was entered incorrectly for my case and I will have to file another appeal which I did on the same day. Finally spoke to a Ms Snowden and was told that they have no idea when the appeal will be held and that they can not tell me whom I was supposed to have worked for while I was receiving unemployment because the appeal has not been held. In the mean time I have to continue to file bi-weekly but do not receive compensation because this is to be used to pay back the $13,000.I received while unemployed please help with some info on where to go or what to do.No job,no income and in 60 days no roof over my head very scared and depressed

Hi Doretha,

First, you can search for the status of your appeal on this page.

Secondly, I think that by now, I would be asking to speak to the chief appeal examiner and pronto!!

I cannot really speed the state of MD up, but I can tell you the "normal appeal process usually take 30 days. I think you need to call them back and get confirmation your appeal was received ... this is why I would only fax.

Unfortunately, you got lost in the shuffle Doretha. It happens, but if you persist, you will get your hearing soon. I would never let anyone forget it's been five months. This is unacceptable and inexcusable.

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May 01, 2009
5 months no appeal scheduled
by: Doretha

Thank you for the reply so promptly,I do have an appeal number, as a matter of fact I have four numbers for the one case but no appeal.I have tried to contact the Chief but no luck,but every time someone looks up my case they get tongue tied because they do not know what to tell me ,but are too afaid to do anything about the situation or take the case to a higher up,this unemployment compensation was put on the books as an emergency,but know through incompentant people the emergency has gone beyond being an emergency.

Hi Doretha,

I hope you have been documenting and writing down the names of the people you have spoken with, dates and times included.

When you checked on the status of your appeal(s) online, what did you find out?

If it was nothing .. I'd implement some guerilla tactics.

In what part of Maryland do you live. It might be time to get in the car and take a trip to the appeal office. I had an email from a recent visitor who actually emailed the Governor's office who in turn called the Unemployment office who scheduled her hearing .. like right now.

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