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How do I get help with unemployment if I just moved too , Alabama

by Tessie
(Langston AL)

Im recently going through a divorce.. I sold my house In North Carolina and moved to Alabama.. Where I moved in to help my parents. Ive been here for three month and have not yet been successful at finding a job. I have no money to pay my bills at all and I'm running out of time before I lose everything. My question is can I get unemployment help? I've never been in this situation before and I didn't think relocating to try and better my life would back fire in my face!! Do you have any advice?

Hi Tessie,

Even if a person can't collect unemployment, everyone can make use of the same resources that people who are collecting are required to register for...and you can do the same. These resources are available in every state and funded by the federal government. Just create an account here. or

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