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How do i reinstate my UI benefits after I was receiving them since march, 2010, was hired at a local fast food/convenience store and quit?

by Patti

I was working in NYS (While working in NY I relocated to Pennsylvania and was commuting to work)and became unemployed and was able to recieve benefits and have been since march 2010. I was offered a part-time (32Hrs)position in WaWa, making $8 instead of $16 that I made in NewYork,doing food and coffee service (was a receptionist/secretary in New York prior to being unemployed) The job was not a good match for me, there was only a 20 minute break for working anything over 7 hours and the work was ridiculous. Anyway, I tried to claim benefits and they sent me a letter that I need to fill out and send back (what I write will determine if I can keep receiving benefits) before I can receive benefits. I need to send the letter back within 7 days of date mailed and have no time to speak with a lawyer. Please help, I really cant lose these benefits.

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