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How do I transfer my already existing benefits

by Diane

In Feb. I was laid off of work. I started recieving my benefits. Circumstances have complicated things and I need to move back home to Missouri. I live in Kentucky now and going to school. As long as I was attending classes, I was not to actively be seeking work. Do you know how this will change, if it will change, and what I need to do when I get to Missouri?

Hi Diane,

I think I would take care of everything before you move .. through Kentucky. Since you are apparently in state approved training which exempts you from the job search .. it makes sense that quitting the training will have an effect on further entitlement to the benefits.

Because all states handle these matters in their own "administrative way" I suggest you contact the KY department to get some specific answers.

Even if you do move to Missouri .. KY is still the state paying the benefits .. so you need to call them to find out what their procedure for changing an address is. If they have a locality provision which might have an effect on your benefits if you move and what's going to happen if you stop going to school which is currently exempting you from the job search. I would think that at the very least you will have to now be able and available for work and if you move to Missouri .. you may also be required to conforn your job search to Missouri requirements, but it's still a good idea to verify.

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