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How do the benefits for workers compensation work in accordance with unemployment benefits?

by Barbara
(kissimmee, Fl USA)

I worked for a company for 14 years. I recently was injured the beginning of this year and was out of work for two months. I collected workers comp benefits for the two months. I went back to work March 4th until June 29th, 2010 when I was terminated. I was eligible for unemployment benefits and have been receiving them up until a hearing on August 24th 2010. Will I still receive unemployment benefits? and how does that affect the workers comp benefits that were already paid? Why would the company i worked for appeal my unemployment when i am not receiving workers compensation benefits but only the medical part of it? Why would I have to pay back any monies that were overpaid to me if I am denied? I do not understand how I would suppose to know if it all coincides or overlaps one another. What if i can not pay this back?

As far as I can tell your unemployment benefits have nothing to do with worker comp benefits at least in this case.

If your employer appealed it would be because they thought you were collecting unemployment wrongly.

Worker comp usually has the effect of creating "monetary" unemployment issues or creates an able and available issue or possibly a fraud issue if a states laws deducts worker comp benefits from UI benefits.

So would you like to fill me in?

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