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How does accepting a part time job effect my benefits?

I haven't received a check yet, but the wolf is at the door and the only work I can find is at a restaurant.

I thought that I would get at least 29 1/2 hours a week in (thanks Obamacare), but have now been given my schedule with 19 hours for next week.
I was employed with a company that does contract welding(boilermakers) but work has dried up for the summer.
I have rent, truck payment etc that needs to be paid, so what should I do?

What should you do about what? I guess I'll just have to explain what i think might be helpful

When collecting benefits for becoming totally unemployed and working 29 1/2 or 19 hours a week you are still partially unemployed and entitled to collect a partial benefit amount, if after any part time wages are reduced (state formulas for reducing earning before calculating partial benefits. vary) and part time earnings in any given week you claim benefits happen to be less that your benefit amount for total unemployment .. you get the difference .. which should include that amount which was deducted.

It's that reduction of the part-time pay before calculating the partial amount of benefits you can receive that is the government's incentive for unemployed people to accept part time work.

People accept unsuitable work out of desperation everyday. They also fail to report part-time earnings and continue to collect .. which is of course, fraud. But, when they quit unsuitable work it is that separation from work which determines if they can begin collecting full benefits again .. regardless if the original separation from the job that sent them in the the UI system was qualifying or not.

If the person cannot prove the work they quit even if they only stayed a day .. they will likely have to appeal a denial for a voluntary quit, to prove good cause .. proving the work was unsuitable is difficult to do .. unless you were somehow misled at time of hire about the terms and conditions of the employment.

If you still want to know what to do .. please be specific about what you want to know.

Thanks for asking.


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