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How does leaving the country effect unemployment in California?

Hello, I am currently collecting unemployment benefits from California, although my financial situation has forced me to move back home to Texas. I am currently in my first federal extension, and about to start my second in the next month or so. I have been looking for work in my field, Hospitality (specifically restaurant management), but have have little to no luck thus far. I have always wanted to start my own restaurant, and am considering an opportunity to go overseas and help a relative start a restaurant in S. America. I think this will give me experience in starting my own restaurant, and I would also be training cooking dishes, but will not be compensated for my services (besides free room and board). The only reason I am hesitant on going is because I am not sure that I will be able to restart collection of benefits after I return to The States. Since I've been unemployed for a while, and do not have much money, I cannot justify going unless I have some sort of income after I return. Please advise. Thanks!


I would not count on benefits being available when you get back. Given that your regular benefits are gone and you are now receiving extensions .. who knows what will happen with them.

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