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how far can a company require an individual to travel to work in ohio, without paying perdium?

by mike

A company is requiring me to travel 2hrs. to work in Ohio. No gas expense, no riding partner. I informed company that I could not do this for long. Can they turn me down for unemployment?

Hi Mike,

Can they turn you down for unemployment if you quit?

It depends. First of all, once you accept conditions which change the employment .. it becomes difficult to then quit due to that change .. and get benefits .. simply because you accepted the change. Quitting due to a substantial change in the conditions of employment can be good cause. Did your employer tell you that if you didn't do this .. you wouldn't have a job? The details matter.

Other things would be considered of course to determine whether the request of the employer was actually an unreasonable request. Did they move the place of employment? Is it due to a transfer?

What you do for a living. Does it require travel?

Whether fulfilling the duties of the job for the employer now puts an undue financial burden on you. Things like driving your own vehicle, the cost of gas and maintenance, insurance. Whether you are now having to do this because they took away the per diem pay. Are you hourly or salaried.

Did you inform the employer in writing you couldn't do this for long?

As far as whether Ohio requires per diem pay for this .. I don't know. That would be a state labor law, but I doubt they do require it .. that would make too much sense.

Ohio Review Commission's unemployment explanations

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