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how long after unemployment can one file a claim

by Patricia
(Queens, New York)

I expect to be laid of from my job the end of this week due to Reduction In Force.

I have worked with the company for 9 1/2 yrs.

They will give me a severance package as a lump sum. My question is.

Can I file for unemployment benefits with the severance package. Let's say I received a 6 week package. Do I have to wait till the end of 6 weeks before I can file.

How long after unemployment can I file a claim?

Do I need to go to the office or can I do it online?

Is there a waiting period before you receive a check?


Hi Patricia,

I'm sure you can file the claim online. They ask all sorts of questions .. including whether you received vacation pay and or severance.

But the state laws vary on whether a severance is considered wages or not .. so let the state make that determination.

So I would definitely file as soon as your become unemployed .. you will have to file for continuing benefits per NY's procedures and when the severance is no longer a factor, if it is determined to be wages .. you'll start receiving benefits instead of having to wait for them to process the claim later.

The duration of regular UI benefits is only 26 weeks, but a benefit year in NY is 53 weeks .. so there will be plenty of time left to collect everything you're entitled to from unemployment if you don't find another job before the severance runs out.

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