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How long can I go with no hours at work before it's considered a layoff?

I was working full-time and went to part-time. The agreement I made with my employers was for me to work three times a week, 5 hours a day. This had gradually been reduced by them to one day a week, 5 hours a day. They have been emailing me the day before I am scheduled to work, kind of on an on-call basis.

They have asked me not to come in at all for the last three weeks. Can I apply for unemployment, or is there a time period (like a month) for them to not call me in before I can apply for unemployment?


You should have applied the moment they dropped you from full-time to part-time three days a week .. you would have the claim established by now and you might of even been collecting partial benefits each week.

So .. apply now .. you do not have to wait until you are totally unemployed .. but when you become "PARTIALLY UNEMPLOYED" .. as compared to what you were before. ..

Usually, when hours drop from 40 to 32 .. you are considered partially unemployed .. but that's still probably too many hours for the partial formulas to extract a benefit .. but you should be good to go now.

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