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How long do I have to file?

by Michelle
(Deerfield, FL)

I worked a second job at a restaurant for 5months. The business and I came to a mutual agreement that it wasn't working out, so we terminated our relationship. I continued to work at my full time job. It has now been 9 months since I worked at my 2nd job, and have been laid off from the first. Can I collect unemployment from both jobs?

Hi Michelle,

This isn't really how it works. You were laid off .. file and they will determine your weekly benefit amount based upon your high quarter wages of your base period.

You don't really care who's paying what .. do you?

A layoff is a qualifying separation .. any disqualification that may have been imposed by the separation from the part-time job would by now be purged .. therefore the separation is a non-factor .. for you and your WBA

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