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how long do u collect unemployment

by harry

my paper say i get my benefits until september and i see on the computer i only have 810.00 left to collect. this is something i dont understand.

thank you,

Hi Harry,

Neither do I .. unless you're only getting about $100 a week.

In New York, everyone collects unemployment for 26 weeks. The total amount of your claim is divided by 26 and that's your weekly benefit amount. This means that if you don't get another job within 26 weeks you will naturally exhaust benefits before your benefit year is over.

In "normal times" you'd just be done with with receiving benefits unless you satisfied the requirements for a new benefit year when your current one expires, but currently there are extensions available which are extending that 26 weeks.

Harry, I honestly don't know much about extensions except for what I, just like everyone else reads on a state's website. The current fiasco of an economy is unprecedented .. in my lifetime at least .. extensions of unemployment benefits were rare and far between .. until now.

I think you should call the state to find out what and if you will be eligible for extended benefits.

Sorry I couldn't help more.


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