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How long do you have to work at a job in Fla to collect benefits. Is there a time frame?

by Debra

I am currently working part time. I am not collecting unemployment. I will be starting a full time position soon while a girl is on maternity leave. It will last 6 months, but there is a chance she will not return to work. If she does return, can i collect unemployment?


It's not really how long you work at any particular job .. it's whether you will monetarily qualify because of the wages that show as your earnings in the BASE PERIOD.

That's the first step to qualifying .. then there's the "NONMONETARY DETERMINATION".

If the job was for only three months .. there would be the possibility of being non-monetarily disqualified for quitting the part-time job is you didn't work long enough to satisfy a Voluntary quit disqualification .. which in Florida is to return to work in another job and earn 17 times your weekly benefit amount.

Additionally, the WBA is determined by the high quarter wages in the base period .. which is relevant to the date the claim is filed.

I think I wrote about base period here

If that still doesn't explain what a base period is used the search bar and look for a good explanation .. I've tried many times.

And while you're at it search for "voluntary quit disqualification in Florida" .. I've explained it too.

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