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how long do you have to work before applying for unemployment

by stacy
(auburn ny usa)

I just got out of given birth to my 3rd daughter. I've been disabled and they took me out of work till the pregnancy is over, because of my hip.

I went to the doctor and found out that I'll be in a wheel chair before 5years(before I'm 40)and I'm only 34 years old.

I have a stand up job and its killing my hip. i was wondering how long do i have to work before applying for unemployment.

Hi Stacy,

You can't apply for unemployment until you are no longer employed.

How long you have to work to be monetarily qualified is a separate question.

In New York, the minimum amount of wages needed to qualify for the minimum amount of unemployment benefits is at least $1600 in your base period "highest earning quarter" and at least 1.5 times that ($2400) in your base period. You must have wages in at least two quarters of your base period to qualify.

But the real question should be whether you can get unemployment. A disability alone cannot get you unemployment. If your condition has given you disability status under the ADA .. it does not necessarily mean you can quit your job without first seeking accommodations from the employer.

Have you applied for disability?

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