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How long do you have to work in order to collect unemployment? Montreal, Quebec

by Gina

I started working Feb 9/09 and was laid off March 24/09 due to not enough work.

Hi Gina,

Wow!! I do get some visitors from Canada, but they usually don't stay long when they notice this site is about United States unemployment benefits.

Thanks for asking a question!

Canada unemployment appears to be a kinder system than the US. I'll refer you to this page which has a lot of information regarding what's needed to file for unemployment insurance in Canada.

It looks like you would need between 420 and 700 insurable hours of work in your qualifying period which is the 52 weeks preceding your claim.

Unless you had other employment aside from this job you were just laid off doesn't look good.

Canada has a nice website. I'll have to explore is some more and learn about the differences from the US system.

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