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How long does it take after your have been granted approval by the judge hearing to recieve payment

by Latricia Emerson
(Sacramento, Ca, USA)


I had been working for a company in Sacramento, Ca an I was fired. I filed for unemployment. I was denied because I was in school. I filed for my appeal with the 20 days and wrote a letter stating that how I had been working and going to school for a while now. I saw and met with a judge on the 15th of Oct 2009. On the 3rd of Nov 2009 I received my letter from the judge saying I was eligible to receive benefits from June 7th 2009 that I was never ineligible. I had been receiving the claim forms. I just sent off the most recent claim form they sent me like maybe a week or a little less than a week ago. I was just wondering how long does it take to receive a check from them. Does EDD know that I was approved? Do I call in let them know? I've never done this before this is my 1st time so I kind of don't know what to do next.I would greatly appreicate your insight.

Thank You Much,


If you have been cleared for benefits and you received the decision on 11/3 you should have received retro. I would only allow seven days before to pass from the time I received the decision to start making some noise to find out where the benefits are.

Guess you know what you should do first thing tomorrow .. right.

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