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How long does it take for the adjustment office to process paper work?



I received my response from the Board of Review on Monday 5/17/10 and they favored on my side. When I went to the unemployment office on 5/19 they said, They have not received the paperwork yet even though I showed it to them and, I need to wait and there is no estimated time and just keep calling. I have not heard anything back so I went back to the unemployment office today 5/26/10 and the rep told me they needed to fax the paperwork to the "Adjustment office" in Toms River NJ..But once again they said there is no estimated time...Its been a long 6 months looking for a job and having no money...Is there a estimated time?

Forget it. Call the attorney general's office or any "politician's" office you can think of and .. well you ought to know what to say.

It takes 30 seconds to fax something.

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May 26, 2010
How Long Does It Take?
by: Chris

I get so many questions that begin with How Long I thought I'd let everyone know what unemployment used to be like .. and just a small rant .. since I have to let it off every once in a while.

There is no doubt that some states are just more efficient, but even back in the days of 4 and 5 percent unemployment rates .. we were all quite aware that the federal government had guidelines for what was approaching too long .. and we knew that when a state didn't perform .. they were endangering the grants they receive from the federal government to run the state programs.

I use to have this timetable in my head that once you filed a claim, each phase should should take approximately 30-45 days .. with 30 days being what everyone would shoot for.

So, generally speaking 3 months was the maximum I would expect from the date of the claim to a lower level appeal hearing decision to be issued.

So here's my suggestion for anyone who has waited more the 6 weeks for anything .. call the state unemployment department first, give them an opportunity to correct their oversight .. if necessary ask them what the federal guidelines are for completing whatever you are asking about .. they might think you sound like you know what you're talking about.

If they still give you the run around .. go above their heads. It's a federal program managed by a state .. the attorney general's office is usually responsible for "compliance".

Call them. If that doesn't work .. call your state reps and senators, call the governors office .. or call the local news station.

Maybe some reporter looking for a real story will start investigating the performance of the program .. instead of having a nightly news anchor be the mouthpiece for the "benevolent state" with some depressing story about the latest job fair that had 300 jobs that 10,000 people showed up for.

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