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How long does the appeals process take in SC?

by Jimmy

I was denied Unemployment Benefits as of May 11th, I will be filing an appeal on May 17th. How long from this date could a hearing be scheduled? Also can they decline to hear an appeal.

Hi Jimmy,

I don't know for sure. In the good old days before everyone was trying to get unemployment .. I would expect the wait to be around thirty days .. but ...

If other states are any indication .. it can take a while and much longer than even the federal guidelines think is an acceptable length of time, some have told me they waited five months for a hearing.

SC is on of two states that I had very little contact with .. they hated third party administrators and wouldn't talk to third party administrators .. we had to hire a lawyer to do everything for us .. because SC is an "attorney state".

I guess will just have to wait and see if your inquiry picks up any comments .. others waiting for a South Carolina unemployment appeal hearing would be the experts.

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Apr 17, 2014
Obvious set-up by huge corporation
by: Anonymous

I have appealed turndown for benefits and as of May 9th, 2014, it will have been close to 90 days since I appealed first time. I was told to keep filing and that it had been pulled 3 weeks ago, yet have heard nothing. I'm in the same boat as some of these other people that have written in, and I'm wondering at the injustice by the company initially, and now this adjudicator board!! Can they even imagine what it's like to suffer without any justice and the Company clearly violated the S.C. law, by bullying, false accusation, etc.!! I want to go public about this horrendous treatment and punishment for all the good work I did for this company, yet even the State is dragging their feet against justice!!

You know, I don't know enough to know if I think you're right, or wrong .. except on maybe one point. Anyone who expects a state to be as fair and impartial as they are mandated to be by federal law is asking for trouble.

It's SC, you need to contact an attorney for all the issues you raised .. including unemployment benefits because SC is an attorney only state for UI hearings.

And don't let my comment throw you .. It's just that when it comes to this stuff .. I've been cynical about what really goes on for a lot of years now .. and accept the fact there's little room for "caring" written into laws.

Sep 30, 2013
Lengthy process but worth it if you know you are entitled
by: Anonymous

I have been filing my unemployment since I was terminated. In whole it has been about 17 weeks it is also with a ten week and some day wait for my appeal and it has been a week exactly since my appeal. Still waiting. When I went to file this week my information changed from being reviewed to all zeros but I don't think that means anything in my case. The hearing went well so I am just waiting but not sure how long it could take my benefits exhaust at 20 weeks so I only have about 3 more weeks to go before they are exhausted completely.

Hi, I typically tell people if they have not received a hearing decision in two weeks, it's time to find out what the holdup is. Most hearing officers can do all the required hearings per week and write a decision for each one that is mailed out in the same week.

But like I said ..most can.

And only if you come back and confirm you won .. will I congratulate you ..

Sorry, I tend to be just a touch on the cautious side.


Sep 20, 2013
get ready for a really long wait
by: Anonymous

it took 10 weeks to get my hearing scheduled for the following week and it has been a week since the hearing and still no decision. At this rate, I may exhaust my potential benefits before I get a decision.

Just keep filing for benefits until you do get the decision .. which shouldn't take longer than two weeks.

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