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How long must you be at a job in NY State in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits?

If currently collecting benefits, if you take a temp to perm position and it does not work out and they let you go can you collect your benefits again. Is there a period of time you had to be at that job or would you be able to file immediately and be reinstated. Thanks

If you currently, have a claim which has not expired and you suffer a "qualifying separation" from a new job, you can reopen that claim, but I stress "qualifying separation" because a disqualifyiing separation can prohibit you from continuing to collect on the claim.

The question of "How long must you be at a job" is a relevant question only sometimes.

An example of when it would be relevant is if you are fired or quit a job and then denied benefits .. a disqualification is imposed. The disqualification usually consist of something along the lines of ..

"you will not be eligible for benefits until you return to work and earn X amount times your WBA."

And it should go without saying that to be eligible .. you would have to again be unemployed and through no fault of your own.

The only exception I can think of that doesn't require this is NJ and then, only if you are fired.

There, all you have to do is serve a 6 week disqualification period before you start to collect. But if you were to quit there .. you'd also have to earn 6 times your WBA in subsequent employment.

I know, clear as mud.


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