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How long until I get my back benefits?

by Anne

I am in TX, and had been unemployed for 4 months when I got a part time job to help extend my unemployment benefits. Turns out the employer was very crooked. During the interview, he said he would like to pay me cash under the table so I could still remain on unemployment. I should have turned around and walked out, but instead I insisted that I be put on payroll just as my friend had (he got me the job) They said he would do so after returning from a week long vacation. Four weeks in and four pay periods of cash, I asked after each check. I quit shortly afterward, but not before reporting all such activities to unemployment.

I filed an appeal. My hearing went well, and the employer did not show. I got my ruling and it was in my favor.

I have a feeling as shady as these people are, they might have missed the hearing on purpose only to have a new hearing scheduled, to prolong the ordeal.

BUT assuming they do not file an appeal, how long is it until the benefits get reinstated? I have been without any for 9 weeks now.

Also any comments/advice are welcome.


You've probably already started receiving your benefits, but your question brings up an issue for others to be aware of .. and that is what the employer was doing is illegal and considered unemployment tax fraud.

No wonder the employer didn't attend .. what could they do except incriminate themselves.

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