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How long will it take before I find out if I am approved or denied?

by Diana
(Miami, FL)

I live in Florida; after four months of being an exemplary employee and everyday tolerating verbal abuse from my boss who would call us from donkeys to lowlifes and everything else... One morning he walked in screaming that the server was not working; as a sales person ( an international move consultant); I had no idea about IT issues; once I told him I did not understand what he was yelling about, he got even more aggravated, I then got my purse and walked out... ( remembering that I could take my break at any moment, I just could not deal with the yelling), I drove home which was just 5 minutes away and as soon as I got home I went to log in to our remote server to finish typing an e-mail my boss had interrupted me with the yelling over the office server not working properly, I could no longer log in, then I called Eric, our operations manager and recent president, he simply said everyone had their had hot, and he would respect the decision... I thought to myself...what decision??? Was I fired??? upon calling the office I found out through the assistant who answers the phone that David, my boss, had already told everyone that I had resigned...

They mailed me my last check last Friday and said resigned paid in full on a separate piece of paper on the same envelope... I have now filled for unemployment, I am a bit nervous that they will say I quit instead of the truth that they have fired me in a very smooth and unreasonable way... What is your thoughts on this scenario and how long should I wait before an answer from unemployment office in Florida? I claimed my first two weeks today, I have only received a letter saying how I am monetarily approved upon on calling them today I was told to wait for a review on a determination of the reason I left my last employer....


My thoughts are that you will have a very hard time combating this.

If I were you .. I think I'd start preparing for the interview now. Did anyone overhear or witness this exchange? And would they be willing to write a statement for you?

I don't know how long it's taking for Florida to issue initial nonmonetary determinations .. maybe someone else .. waiting on an appeal hearing would be so kind to leave a comment to let you know.

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