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How long will unemployment benefits last? - California

by J Newman
(Lancaster, California )

I had a full time teaching job in California at the same school for two years and got layed off due to state budget cuts. My teaching contract ends on May 30th. I got offered a part-time temporary job for two months after that. Will taking that part time temporary job prevent me from getting my full benefits? For example, the amount and time limit for collecting it.


Regular unemployment benefits (not extended or emergency) duration is usually 26 weeks. A benefit year is just that .. one year. Normally when the unemployment rate is down at a reasonable rate, extended and or emergency benefits aren't available, but they now will extend the duration You'll have to check the EDD's website for the details.

Yes taking that part-time temporary job can have an effect on the benefits you receive. It will depend on how much you earn each week and the formula California uses which is to first disregard the greater of $25 or 25% of wages earned before they start reducing your benefit amount dollar for dollar. I cannot not say for sure if the benefits that are reduced would become available to you on the backend, but my instinct is to say no .. not if you're claiming partials.

Alternatively, if you do make more from the temporary job than what benefits pay .. you wouldn't need to file for partials because it would be a waste of time .. instead you could reopen your claim when the temp job ends .. due to a lack of work.

Aside from the monetary issues, you've raised another that everyone should also be aware of. That's a disqualification for refusal of suitable work .. especially if the temporary job is being offered by your current employer. Suitable Work

Additionally it's important to know that the separation from any subsequent work after opening a claim becomes the last work and controls whether you will be allowed to continue to collect unemployment benefits .. even if the wages in your base period are only from the employer that laid you off.

So I definitely believe a decision to accept work should first be weighed .. according to what the state says about suitability of work.

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