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how many years can i go back to file unemployment now that I'm no longer getting Workman Comp Insurance benefits

by Anonymous

my last job was three years ago i had an accident was drawing workman comp since can i reapply for unmployment if i can work?

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately, it's been too long for you because you are in Alabama and Alabama does not have an "Extended base period" nor an alternative base period. The information as to whether any state may have an extended base period is found by clicking the current year, then "Monetary" and then go to Table 3-2

It would also be wise to check the "reports on state legislation also. The stimulus package has offered extra money to states who "modernize" some of their statutes which deny people benefits who would otherwise be eligible because they didn't lose their job through no fault of their own .. such as in your case.

I also have a piece of advice for anyone injured on a job.

Contact a worker comp attorney immediately. Worker comp insurance issues are just another thing employer's outsource the handling of to third parties which put forth all possible effort to keep this cost down as well. If you have been out of work for three years .. I find it hard to believe you didn't receive a settlement.

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