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how much compensation will i get

by matthew
(orange park, fl)

I live in Florida. I am a lifeguard/college student. the pool where I work will close for 2 months starting march 4th for renovations and I've been told I can claim temporary unemployment. My issue is I make around 500 every two weeks and I'm afraid if unemployment will be enough to pay my bills for 2 months. how much will i be eligible for by claiming temporary unemployment? my name is Matthew.

thank you in advance

Hi Matthew,

I removed your email address because the questions become webpages.

If you earn approximately $250 a week you will get approximately 125 in benefits a week.

Florida takes your highest earning qaurter of your base period and the weekly benefit is 1/26 of that amount.

In your case I multiplied 250 by 13 (there are 13 weeks in a quarter) that came to 3250 which I divided by 26.

50 percent of your weekly earnings is a pretty close estimate for any state .. up to the maximum WBA .. then it wouldn't matter if you made a million a week ..

Florida's max benefit is $275 .. even for someone who made over $550 a week at their job .. sucks, don't you think?

Florida has one of the lowest max WBA in the country.

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